Quiet Sunday Reading

There’s nothing like a cozy chair, a favorite beverage, and a good book is there? Sunday is my day to gather all three together and enjoy the comfort they give. This weekend I’m enjoying Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer’s Key to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habitsreading-in-the-wild

Books and a cozy chair

Books and a cozy chair

by Donalyn Miller with Susan Kelley. I’m hoping to finish it before we head off to the library.

So far here are my impressions:

– If you don’t read, you’re in trouble!
– It’s a great companion to The Book Whisperer, a book I loved when it came out in 2009.
– I too struggle with how to get students to become “wild readers” (Ms. Millers term of those who reading independently outside the classroom).
– I’m still wondering what to say to those (parents) who complain that all we do is read in Language Arts class. Of course that’s not all we do! However, when I don’t send home worksheets for homework and instead assign reading, that’s the impression some get.
-I feel really confident with my “building a classroom library skills” so I skimmed that part.
-One tip: Add a weekly book recommendation to email signature. I can’t wait to do that and I’m also going to add one to the weekly newsletter I send out too!

Looking forward to finishing this engaging book from my comfy chair.

What are you reading on a quiet Sunday?


One Comment on “Quiet Sunday Reading”

  1. Kris says:

    This looks like a book I should read! Love the pics, homefrontgirl!

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