Quiet Sunday Reading

The Riders of the Purple Sage and a diet Coke

The Riders of the Purple Sage and a diet Coke

“Lassiter, will you be my rider?”
“I reckon so.”

Oh the chills! Oh the emotion! Today I’m enjoying a classic from my younger years. I read Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey in middle school. I loved westerns and all historical fiction back then and I had no idea when I picked up this book in the new books bin at my school library that I would find more than just a cowboy story. This is the fourth time I’ve re-read this and I learn something new every time.

– The term “cowboy” is never used. This is something I just noticed during this re-read.
– A major plot point centers around a religious group. I didn’t even remember this from the first time I read it! This is a lesson to remember. Children pick up what they need to from books, but not everything they don’t.
– I remember having a crush on Lassiter, the gun-weilding, black-leather-wearing, ex-Texas Ranger. Now I want to be Jane Withersteen. She’s the smart, independent business woman who doesn’t back down from hard truths.
– Mr. Grey had a poetic turn of phrase in his writing. The descriptions of the red arches of Utah, the canyons, and the sage wasteland are divine.

What’s on tap for your Sunday reading?


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