The Thursday Three

So I’m starting a new tradition here at Accidental Literacy. It’s part reflection and part observation. Every Thursday I want to post the three things that I’ve learned this week about literacy. Since learning can come from anywhere, I’ll try to include where I’ve discovered these insights.

Here are this week’s Thursday Three:

1. Being able to read a map is still an important skill. My husband and I were trying to rely on our Maps app to find a new restaurant. We listened to the automated voice, followed her directions perfectly, and ended up in a townhouse parking lot. If we’d just looked at a map we’d have driven right to the front door. Sometime old technology works better.

2. My son loves non-fiction more than fiction. He’s started checking out plant books from the library so he can create his own version of Plants vs. Zombies. Some of these books have probably never been checked out by kids before.

3. My students love graphic novels. I need to get some more, but I don’t have a cheap place to buy them.


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