Quiet Sunday Reading – Super Bowl Sunday Version

True confession: I’ve only watched one Super Bowl in my life. I think the Cowboys were playing?

Another confession: I don’t even really care for the commercials.

Since my hometown team is in the big game this year, I’m going to listen to the game via streaming and I am interested in the winner. Go Broncos!

But watch the game? Afraid not.

So what am I doing on Super Bowl Sunday? Reading a mystery novel! This one is from my all time favorite mystery writer, Elizabeth Peters. Here’s why she’s worth checking out:

– She creates great female characters. Not just sleuths, but women you’d like to get to know or be friends with or be in your book club. My favorite is Jacqueline Kirby. She’s got so much confidence! She just oozes it. Check out this description from Naked Once More, the novel I’m currently reading:

“She had enough ego to remain unscorched by the withering winds of abuse that would undoubtedly assail her.”

– Ms. Peters has a way with words. I love how she crafts a sentence.

– Exotic settings abound! Her most famous character, Mrs. Amelia Peabody Emerson, travels through turn-of-the-century Egypt. Vicky Bliss, another fantastic character, globe-trots from her home in Germany.

– There are exciting mysteries and plot twists in every book. I love a good mystery, and I can always rely on Ms. Peters for a nice cozy story. . . with a dead body at the center of the plot.

Naked Once More by Elizabeth Peters

Naked Once More by Elizabeth Peters

I wonder if Jacqueline would have watched the big game or found something else to do?

What’s on your Super Bowl Sunday reading list?


One Comment on “Quiet Sunday Reading – Super Bowl Sunday Version”

  1. Kris says:

    It sure beats working on lesson plans. I’m not watching the Super Bowl at all. Let me know who wins.

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