Highlights from CCIRA 2014


This year’s conference was outstanding. Friday was full of thrills and revelations. Here are the highlights:

– I sat in on a session led by Sharon Draper. I loved her book, Out of My Mind, but who hasn’t? She was a great, dynamic advocate for literacy. I appreciated how she writes for a wide age range. After her presentation I picked up copies of Tears of a Tiger and one of the Sassy books. The last one will be for my niece’s birthday.

Sharon Draper @ CCIRA

Sharon Draper @ CCIRA

– Lunch was with the Fonz. Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver were the guest speakers and they were fantastic! They had great rapport with each other and with the audience. I enjoyed hearing about their writing process and how collaborative it is. It was so rewarding listening to these great, funny individuals.


– In the afternoon I spent two hours with Donalyn Miller, reading advocate and teacher. Most of her presentation involved points from her newest book. I spoke with her afterward and asked about how to approach parents who think “reading all the time” is a waste of class time. She pointed me in the direction of the the book Book Love: Developing Depth, Stamina, and Passion in Adolescent Readers by Penny Kittle for research to support my discussions with those one or two parents. I can’t wait to read it.

Donalyn Miller listening patiently to my fan-girling.

Donalyn Miller listening patiently to my fan-girling.

Donalyn Miller

Donalyn Miller

What a great conference! Can’t wait until 2015!


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