The Thursday Three

Three things I’ve learned about literacy this week. Here ya go. . .

1. I modeled writing a persuasive letter to my students this week. Hello enlightenment! I not only wrote it in front of them, but I revised it too. I feel like my very best teaching in a long time occurred during this process. I’ve never really been excited about the way I’ve taught concluding passages before, but with modeling the process in front of students, I got it and they got it and it was zen.

2. My kid loves Dragon Slayer’s Academy books. I foresee a lot of Wiglif in my future.

3. Something my husband taught me about revision this week that I’ve said about 100 times already: “Professional writers revise all the time and student writers rarely do.” My guy is smart. I’m going to make this into a poster for my classroom.

What about your week?


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