About Me

Literacy is specifically the ability to read and write.  A skill that is paramount to knowledge and thinking in today’s age of information.  This blog is where I look at examples of reading and writing converging with life as we know it.  How can being a reader really help you be successful?  Help you rise to the top?  Have a better quality of life?  Where can being a careful and competent writer improve you world-view?  Your self-worth?  Your bank account?  These are the questions that  I ponder here at Accidental Literacy.

I do have some personal investment in the idea that literacy improves lives.  I’m a teacher to 7th graders and I’ve been teaching them that reading is thinking for over 15 years.  I’m a mom to one son who I pray becomes a reader too.  I’ve read to him since the day he was born, even bring pictures books to the birth center.  My husband is a reader too.  When we married he couldn’t believe how much I read.  He married a bookworm, but he didn’t realize how embedded in the book I really was.

All this is to say that I love reading, writing, thinking about books and words.  I’ve surrounded myself with people who support this value and yet I see so many people, young and old, who struggle with literacy.  I see people missing out. On reading a good book.  On understanding and comprehension.  On important information that could impact health or finances.  Not that I think everyone needs a book a day habit!  No one needs to join a book club to prove they’re worth!  I’m not saying that I’m the world’s-greatest-reader-who-has-all-the-answers-and-must-be-obeyed either.  (Although I’d like a t-shirt with that printed on it to wear in my classroom sometimes!)  Rather I’d just like to explore and reflect on the important place literacy has in our lives.

So what’s in it for you?  What can you gain from reading this blog?   Check out my ideas that promote literacy.  If you’re looking for the next book to encourage someone to read, I have book reviews from picture books to professional texts.  Start seeing how reading and writing intersects with everyday life!  When I opened my eyes to this it was purely a coincidence (I was at Wal-mart) and I was struck with how the daily things we do are so tied to reading.

So that’s my hope for this corner of the Internet-verse.  Maybe you’ll accidentally stumble upon someone who needs encouragement with reading; someone young or old.   Or maybe it won’t be an accident at all.


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